Commercial mobile

Big mobile plates, but with more weight and power, without tower

DieĀ  SWP46 Serie kann turmlos oder mit Turm angeboten werden.Our  SWP46 can have tower or be towerless.

We start production in a new modern design 2.half of 2018

For peoples between 155 and 200cm should be well. Supension with rubber or airballons








Mobile Vibrationsplatten, die turmlos Commercial von SWISSPLATE - SW46 SerieOur Modell without Tower can own AC or DC motors. Movements and all directions are for optional.

With APP controlled you will have like a teacher to guide you.

We will have 1 or 2 Motor 275AC  on board. They are designed for commercial usings. With 7" -8" Display IPS Android. 

The rim is made by GFK or PURim




Its made like the AC Versions, but we use for Home use the power of 1 or 2 DC Motor with 250W Power.

All addings like belt an hook is also included in booth of this units. Different is only Controller and motorsystem







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