Belt-Ex beltsystem & belts

Original SWISSPLATE equipment 

You belive us we are be able only need 45sec to bring your legmuscels to there final end?

We promiss you, we example with our belt system


Our SWISSPLATE Belt System is used to bring the vibration to the point you wish, special for leg and body excercices.

Our SWISSPLATE TOWER units support hook for the beltsystem, if you dont use tower you will find a pillow in the belt set, so you can fix on the outside of a door (by use the door need be pushed to close side).


Our Belt System is a set with highend belt and fast closing hooks, multiple wirred, with more power than human body can bring by himself.


You get the Belt set as a pair in a bag incl. all parts. We work on new drawings to expain more and add to our APP new Age Multimedia device soon.

For hanging Excercises we offer longer belts as adding set..

Belt-Ex system Power pur

Tower and Beltsystem 

Belt-Ex System
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